Welcome to LeafSpring, an anonymized advice blog by a group of scientists on the tenure track. Send your questions to leafspring.labcarpentry@gmail.com

Jul 18, 2016

Ask LeafSpring

Hello, and welcome to the LeafSpring blog!

LeafSpring is an unhacker uncollective of open scientists who are on the tenure track in academia. (Some of us are tenured, some of us are not.) You'll see anonymized LeafSpring posts from the group, as well as posts from individuals.

We're using this space to discuss surviving and thriving in academia as an open scientist, with the goal of helping nudge academia towards more "open" practices.

We're starting this blog with a "Dear Abby" style column -- we're soliciting questions from current and aspiring professors on how to combine open science with a career in the research intensive professoriate. This includes how to use and highlight open science techniques to get jobs, win grants, gain tenure, and be both happy and successful.

Send your questions to leafspring.labcarpentry@gmail.com and we'll answer them here, appropriately anonymized.