Organization Blueprints

Onboarding Blueprints

Each lab makes conscious or unconscious decisions about how the group will be organized. We have developed documents to help new investigators identify opportunities to define the group’s structure. Template sections for an onboarding manual can be found on ReadTheDocs. This onboarding document is free to use with or without attribution for your own group because it is licensed as CC0. Some of the examples below are also licensed CC0.


Organization & Modification

These are chronologically organized. If you use this in your own group, feel free to file a pull request against lab-carpentry/ to add a link to your own document. If you’d like to suggest changes to the underlying document, please edit and file a pull request against the lab-carpentry/blueprint-onboarding repository.

Resource Sharing Blueprint

In addition, to onboarding blueprints, Lab Carpentry provides example resource sharing plans for grant applications. See lab-carpentry/blueprint-resourcesharing for more information and templates.