About Us

Lab Carpentry aims to make scientific research labs more positive and productive environments by disseminating successful lab management practices. We provide management tools based on practices that we find useful, such as the construction of an onboarding document. This document defines the goals of the lab, expectations of lab members, as well as logistics and communication expectations within the lab. To this end, we provide templates of such practices.

Our LeafSpring blog shares experiences of scientists establishing their labs in a “Dear Abby-style” setting.

We also are available for workshops and seminars to share our experiences with best practices in establishing a new laboratory.


Find out more about our staff and steering committee here.


Lab Carpentry is a volunteer project. All participants are expected to adhere to our Code of Conduct.


Lab Carpentry was founded at the DDD Training Workshop at UC Davis in October 2015 by C. Titus Brown, Casey Greene, Raman Shah, Blair Sullivan, and Matt Turk.